Release Plans

2019 Releases: 

Pathways (The Princess and the Pea and Rumpelstiltskin) 🌳 ~ Eileen’s Story
Spelled (The Frog Prince) ✨ ~ Rosie’s Story
Identity (The Goose Girl) 🦋 ~ Prince Liam’s Story
Reflection (Snow White) 🍎 ~ Princess Rheanna’s Story


2020 Releases: 

Enchantment (Beauty and the Beast) 🥀 ~ Prince Briar’s Story
Voyage (King Thrushbeard) ⚓️ ~ Princess Seren’s Story 
Starlight (Arabian Nights and The Twelve Dancing Princesses) 🌟 ~ Book One of The Fairytale Chronicles


2021 Releases: 

The Beast and the Enchantress (Beauty and the Beast) 🌹 ~ Contribution to Upcoming Author Compilation Series
Masquerade (Princess and the Pauper and The Ugly Duckling) 🎭 ~ Book Two of The Fairytale Chronicles
Nobility (Cinderella and The Goose Girl) 👑 ~ Book Three of The Fairytale Chronicles
Awaken (Sleeping Beauty) 🌅 ~ Princess Reve’s Story


Upcoming Releases ~ The Kingdom Chronicles: 🏰 

Turret (Rapunzel) 🏰 ~ Princess Gemma’s Story
Transformation (Swan Lake) 🦢 ~ Prince Nolan’s Story 
Arabesque (The Twelve Dancing Princesses) 🌸 ~ Princess Elodie’s Story
Beacon (The Little Mermaid) 🌊 ~ Prince Owen’s Story
Midnight (Cinderella) 🌙 ~ Prince Daman’s Story 
Wishes (Aladdin) 🧞‍♂️ ~ Princess Aveline’s Story
Discovery (Little Red Riding Hood) 🌲 ~ Lady Lisette’s Story
Forever (The Snow Queen) ❄️ ~ Princess Lavena’s Story 
Tales 📚 ~ A Collection of Short Stories from The Kingdom Chronicles


Upcoming Releases ~ The Fairytale Chronicles:  

Majesty (Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood)
Slumber (Princess and the Pea and Sleeping Beauty)
Fairytale Chronicles Book VI (The Frog Prince and Swan Lake)
Fairytale Chronicles Book VII (Aladdin and Rumpelstiltskin)
Fairytale Chronicles Book VIII (The Little Mermaid)
Fairytale Chronicles Book IX (The Wild Swans)
Quest (Mulan and Robin Hood)
Fairytale Chronicles Book XI (Beauty and the Beast and Rapunzel)
Fairytale Chronicles Book XII (East of the Sun, West of the Moon and The Snow Queen)
Splendor (Snow White, Rose Red and Toads and Diamonds

Upcoming Series: 

The Fairytale Chronicles (debuting end of 2020), The Royal Chronicles 👑, and The Dream World Chronicles 🌈


** Please Note: These plans are subject to change according to the whims of my muse. 😊