Release Plans

2019 Releases: 

Pathways (The Princess and the Pea and Rumpelstiltskin) 🌳 ~ Eileen’s Story
Spelled (The Frog Prince) ✨ ~ Rosie’s Story
Identity (The Goose Girl) πŸ¦‹ ~ Prince Liam’s Story
Reflection (Snow White) 🍎 ~ Princess Rheanna’s Story

2020 Releases: 

Enchantment (Beauty and the Beast) πŸ₯€ ~ Prince Briar’s Story
Voyage (King Thrushbeard) βš“οΈ ~ Princess Seren’s Story 

2021 Releases: 

Dreamer 🌈 ~ Book One in the Dream World Chronicles
Awaken (Sleeping Beauty) πŸŒ… ~ Princess Reve’s Story
The Beast and the Enchantress 🌹 ~ Standalone Retelling of Beauty and the Beast 
Nightmare πŸ•Έ ~ Book Two in the Dream World Chronicles 
Turret (Rapunzel) 🏰 ~ Princess Gemma’s Story

2022 Releases: 

Forgotten ❄️ ~ Book One in the Enchanted Kingdom Chronicles 
FaΓ§ade πŸ‘‘ ~ Book One in the Royal Chronicles 
Insomnia πŸ–€ ~ Book Three in the Dream World Chronicles 
Transformation (Swan Lake) 🦒 ~ Prince Nolan’s Story 

2023 Releases: 

Decoy πŸ‘Έ ~ Book Two in the Royal Chronicles 
Daybreak ⛅️ ~ Book Four in the Dream World Chronicles 
Beacon (The Little Mermaid) 🌊 ~ Prince Owen’s Story

Upcoming Releases ~ The Kingdom Chronicles: 🏰 

Melody (The Pied Piper) 🌸 ~ Princess Elodie’s Story
Midnight (Cinderella) 🌟 ~ Prince Damon’s Story
Secrets (Bluebeard) 🌺 ~ Princess Aveline’s Story
Forever (The Snow Queen) ❄️ ~ Princess Lavena’s Story 

Upcoming Series: 

The Royal Chronicles πŸ‘‘, The Magic Chronicles ✨, The Castle Chronicles 🏰,, and The Enchanted Kingdom Chronicles ✨
** Please Note: These plans are subject to change according to the whims of my muse. 😊