Rosie has always dreamt about the perfect fairy tale romance that she often reads about in stories. Now that she’s staying in a palace with her best friend the princess, all she needs is her prince charming to sweep her away from her dull village life and into her own happily ever after. Unfortunately, the prince she knows to be her destiny is inconveniently betrothed to another. Rosie realizes she has no choice but to become the heroine in her story and take matters into her own hands. While she’s certain that she and her prince are meant to be, it still wouldn’t hurt to encourage her fairy tale romance, just a little…

Luckily, she has access to an enchanted bakery and a recipe book of spells, one of which will ensure her story gets back on its proper course, regardless of any feelings that may or may not be developing between her and a certain man who is definitely not a prince. Nothing will stand in the way of Rosie’s happily ever after. After all, what harm can a simple love spell do?

Inspired by “The Frog Prince”

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